8 very valuable Buicks - yes, Buicks

You thought Buick was boring? Not always.

1953 Buick Skylark
1953 Buick Skylark
Value: $140,000
Original price: $5,000*

When we published Hagerty Insurance Co.s list of future collectible cars, one that brought that a lot of reader wrath was the Buick Regal GS, a new high-performance version of the mid-sized Regal.

"The Buick Regal - Ha!!!!! Not in this century," one reader commented.

In fact, the very idea of a collectible Buick seemed laughable to some readers.

Well, it's certainly not like it's never happened. While this Skylark was a fairly pricey car in its day -- over $40,000 in today's money -- it's really valuable today. This was a special edition created to celebrate the Buick brand's 50th birthday.

*Original sticker prices provided by Nadaguides.com, except for GSX Stage 1 price which was provided by GM.
By Peter Valdes-Dapena @PeterDrives - Last updated February 06 2012: 2:40 PM ET
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