Global 500 
And the winners are...
See the full list of the world's largest corporations, including detailed company profiles and contact information. (more)
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The Top 25 Wal-Mart retakes the lead as the world's biggest company. See which other companies top our list. (more)
Money losers Which automaker lost a whopping $12.6 billion last year? And just how far into the red are stalwarts like Coca-Cola and Tyson Foods? (more)
Most profitable Exxon Mobil leads our list of top earners this year. Which other companies are among the most profitable on the planet? (more)
Porsche powers VW to new heights The tiny luxury car maker has a 30% stake in Volkswagon, and has played a big role in propelling it to number 16 on Fortune Global 500. (morevideo

Global 500 companies by country
The United States lays claim to the most global giants, followed by Japan, and then France. (more)
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Top performers
Goldman Sachs and Gazprom are among the companies that saw the biggest increases in sales last year, while Alcan's profits surged 1,284%. (more)

Women CEOs
There are more women running Fortune Global 500 companies this year than there were last year. Currently, 10 Fortune Global 500 companies are run by women - last year only seven were. (See the rest).

Which industries rule?
The securities industry saw the biggest sales increase - revenues rose 45% -- while the entertainment business saw the biggest jump in profits, with earnings surging 79%. (more)

In pictures: Gates goes to China
Fortune sent Photographer Paolo Pellegrin to tag along with Bill Gates on a 4-day visit in April, during which the Microsoft chairman was celebrated -- and had reason to celebrate. (more).

How Microsoft conquered China Or is it the other way around? Fortune's David Kirkpatrick goes on the road to Beijing with Bill Gates, who threw his business model out the window. (more)
Ex-CIA Intelligence Chief Jami Miscik was wrong about WMD in Iraq. But in her new career, Lehman brothers depends on her to say where it's safe to put billions. (more)
FORTUNE 500 Our annual list of America's largest corporations. (more)
On FORTUNE's global list, General Electric is No. 1 again, for the sixth time in eight years. Which other companies made the top 10? (more)