Home prices up for 1st time in 3 years Jul 28: Index of 20 major cities rises on a monthly basis for the first time since July 2006, hinting that the worst of the declines may be over. More
Jul 27: Sales of newly constructed single family homes rose 11% over May, but median price fell 3%. More
Jul 26: Investors wade into the heaviest week of corporate reporting yet. Reports on GDP, housing, consumer confidence and manufacturing also due. More
Jul 24: 6 subsidiaries of a Georgia bank go down, bringing the tally to 16 for the state in 2009. A N.Y. bank is the first FDIC-insured bank in the state to fail since 2004. More
Jul 23: Bank of New York Mellon's CEO sees a brightening picture and credits the government with halting last year's panic. More
Jul 23: For the ninth straight month, home sales were below the bench mark 5 million rate. Average home price falls 15.4% from last June. More
Jul 23: Better-than-expected results from corporations fire up a big rally, lifting the Dow back above 9,000. Nasdaq extends win streak to 12 days. More
Jul 23: Insurer was scheduled to pay bonuses to 43 top executives July 15, but Treasury official nominee says they were not paid. More
Jul 22: Tech-heavy index in longest bull run since 1996 thanks to a positive reaction to Apple results. Dow and S&P end lower. More
Jul 21: TARP's overseer has struck a chord with his estimate that the government has committed $23.7 trillion to rescue the economy. Here's what's at risk. More
Jul 20: But N.Y. attorney general blasts Schwab for refusing to settle case involving auction-rate securities. More
Jul 20: Neil Barofsky says a lot could go wrong with bailouts. He wants better disclosure and stronger conflicts rules. Sparks controversy over total cost. More
Jul 19: The early batch of report cards from Corporate America have revived the dormant stock market. But major companies in the week ahead could kill the optimism. More
Jul 17: Two in California , one in Georgia and one in South Dakota - these FDIC closures bring the total number of failed banks in 2009 to 57. More
Jul 17: When a franchise company goes bankrupt, independent operators face a tsunami of legal tangles and marketing challenges. More
Jul 17: The Director of the National Economic Council says that the full impact of the $787 billion stimulus plan will not likely to be fully realized until 2010. More
Jul 17: Analyst says as many as 600,000 more retail jobs could be lost as consumers cut back for good. More
Jul 17: Government says jobless rate is the highest for a state since 1984. Rate tops 10% in 15 states and District of Columbia. More
Jul 17: Banking giant stuns analysts who were anticipating a loss, although results got big lift from sale of Smith Barney division. More
Jul 17: By August, 65% of all filers for unemployment insurance will have run out of their standard 26 weeks. And that's just the beginning. More
Jul 17: Diversified manufacturer, media and finance giant sees bigger drop in revenue than expected, but lower earnings top forecasts More
Jul 16: The Internet search giant reports profits and sales that beat Wall Street's expectations in a tough quarter. More
Jul 16: Administration will tell financial institutions they must do more to help borrowers. 'We think we can do even more,' official says. More
Jul 16: As more medical students shun primary care for higher-paid specialties, experts warn of a severe imbalance that could cripple the nation's health care system. More
Jul 16: Former Treasury chief tells House panel why he worked to save controversial shotgun marriage on Wall Street. More
Jul 16: Initial filings sink by 47,000 to 522,000, lowest level since first week of January. More
Jul 16: Banking giant easily surpassed Wall Street's estimates for the second quarter, as investment banking performance offset consumer-related credit losses. More
Jul 16: Homeowners fell behind on mortgage payments in record numbers during the first six months of 2009. The future doesn't look much better. More
Jul 15: Congress names members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, which plans to start meeting next month to get to the bottom of the meltdown. More
Jul 15: CIT has historically been a key financier for small companies, but since last year, its lending volume has slowed to a trickle. More
Jul 15: Lead bidder for one of AIG's asset management units pulls out of negotiations, just the latest in a series of bumps in the road to paying back taxpayers. More
Jul 15: Former Treasury chief Paulson returns to Capitol Hill to explain his role in controversial deal. Paulson explains he wanted to save the merger. More
Jul 14: The world's largest chipmaker posts revenue of $8 billion as its profits were hard hit by a hefty antitrust fine from the European Commission. More
Jul 14: The nation's biggest telecom company is well positioned to get stimulus-related projects because of its reach with government agencies. More
Jul 14: New government program aimed at making debt more manageable is a boon for many struggling graduates, but there are a few catches. More
Jul 14: Total sales increase beats expectations although most of the gains are fueled by gasoline station sales, auto purchases and electronics sales. More
Jul 14: Wall Street firm earns $3.4 billion, or $4.93 a share helped by equity underwriting activity; results beat analysts' estimates. More
Jul 14: The treasury secretary's bid to rein in derivatives meets skepticism. More
Jul 14: Families say they'll spend less than they did last year to get kids ready for the fall, relying heavily on sales and coupons. More
Jul 13: Surge in investment banking, mortgage refinancing activity could again bolster second-quarter results for lenders like Chase, BofA. More
Jul 13: Federal budget deficit rises by $94.3 billion in June, pushing the total shortfall for the current fiscal year to $1.09 trillion. More
Jul 13: Many economists say weak June jobs and retail sales aren't reason to give up on hopes for a solid bounce back later this year. More
Jul 13: Wall Street advances as investors scoop up a variety of shares ahead of the first big wave of quarterly results More
Jul 12: Small business owners plan layoffs and furloughs if they're saddled with hard-to-redeem IOUs. More
Jul 11: Wall Street braces for its first big week of second-quarter results as a derailed stock market rally slouches into summer. More
Jul 10: Bad loans are only one part of the problem; disastrous investments and risky funding sources have also helped to bring about the latest batch of bank failures. More
Jul 10: Troubled insurer AIG has asked the government's 'pay czar' to review hundreds of millions more in bonus payments to employees of its most crippled division. More
Jul 10: Chevron's profit warning drags on blue chips ahead of an onslaught of quarterly reports. Dow and S&P 500 slide for fourth straight week. More
Jul 10: Congressional Oversight Panel says Treasury has left money on the table when selling warrants to small banks exiting bailout program. Yet, Treasury did push one big bank. More
Jul 9: Residents have fewer places to cash in IOUs after large banks stop redeeming them. SEC warns potential buyers and sellers of possible scams. More
Jul 9: A key measure of credit market sentiment is back to 'normal,' according to Alan Greenspan, but consumers say otherwise. More
Jul 8: Among those selected: BlackRock and Invesco. Program will be kickstarted with $30 billion government investment. More
Jul 8: Manhattan District Attorney charges 13 suspects and a mortgage company with fraud; 12 others have already pleaded guilty. More
Jul 8: Federal government is pushing out stimulus faster than expected. But states are using it to plug immediate gaps, rather than undertake long-term reforms. More
Jul 8: Wall Street erases losses, turns higher as investors gear up for the start of the corporate reporting period. More
Jul 8: As home values fall, home equity credit lines -- a favorite cash source for entrepreneurs -- are vanishing. More
Jul 7: With several industries under the Justice Department's microscope, some say consumers will benefit. Others disagree. More
Jul 7: He just predicted its demise. Now he's seeing some tentative signs of hope. More
Jul 7: Dow and S&P 500 end at two-month lows on concerns about the duration of the recession. Start of second-quarter reporting period in focus too. More
Jul 6: Fitch Ratings downgrades the state's bond rating to BBB, just above junk status. Budget impasse continues to rile the state's financial standing. More
Jul 6: As the economy continues to get worse, many wonder if stimulus is big and fast enough. But the White House says it's too early to judge. More
Jul 6: Obama will have to make a big decision: Whether to reappoint the Fed chair. Bernanke has detractors on the Hill. Right now at least, odds are he'll hang on. More
Jul 4: A second-quarter rally has given way to what could be a rocky third quarter as investors contend with quarterly results, economic reports. More
Jul 2: In its first full quarter since the Recovery Act kicked in, the SBA still backed 30% fewer small business loans than it did a year ago. More
Jul 2: Obama's plan to guard against devious lenders would launch a new bureaucracy to enforce the law, but we've already had one for 95 years. It's called the FTC More
Jul 2: The president is pledging $13 billion for a high speed rail system, but some experts fear it will never cover its own costs. More
Jul 2: Employers cut more jobs than expected in June and unemployment rate climbed for the ninth straight month, hitting 9.5%. More
Jul 2: The Golden State is running short on cash so it is issuing IOUs to some contractors, agencies and taxpayers. More
Jul 2: CNN/Opinion Research poll shows more people see economic conditions as poor. More
Jul 2: Huge downturn for co-op and condo owners in pricey housing market. Number of sales ticks up as buyers with money take an opportunity. More
Jul 1: Loan losses and regulatory reforms will give bankers and investors plenty to worry about in the months ahead. More
Jul 1: With home prices still falling, administration opens up rescue program to homeowners whose loans are 125% of their home's value. More
Jul 1: Survey of purchasing managers climbs more than expected, but continues at contraction levels. More
Jul 1: But 0.1% gain in Realtors' index - 4th straight advance - could be tempered by complications in appraisal process. More
Jul 1: States are still struggling to balance their budgets as fiscal year 2010 starts. New tax hikes and spending cuts take effect. And California is running low on cash. More
Jul 1: Annual census report highlights Big Easy's big charge back since Katrina. Small cities in Texas, North Carolina and Arizona are right behind it. More
Jun 30: Plan to set up watchdog is first battle in long road to regulatory reform. Industry steps up efforts in opposition as administration releases legislation. More
Jun 30: With bank failures mounting, the FDIC is stuck trying to sell loans, real estate and more exotic assets like lawnmowers and even a Bentley. More
Jun 30: Taxpayers oust the majority of AIG's board, to the delight of many long-time shareholders. But the government will hold its stake for awhile. More
Jun 30: Wall Street retreats on weaker-than-expected consumer confidence report, falling oil prices and stocks. More
Jun 30: S&P/Case-Shiller index down 18.1% year over year, but monthly drop narrows to 0.6% in April. More
Jun 29: Former Treasury Secretary has agreed to talk to a House panel about his part in last September's Bank of America-Merrill Lynch merger. More
Jun 29: AIG's shareholders meeting on Tuesday will put in place the government's choices for new leadership, but repaying the taxpayers is still a ways off. More
Jun 29: Wall Street advances at the start of a holiday-shortened trading week. More
Jun 28: The second quarter and first half of the year are set to end with a bang as investors brace for the latest on housing, manufacturing and the labor market. More
Jun 26: House committee reports 21,000 actual highway and transit jobs created or saved. White House says number is in line with its 150,000 jobs estimate. More
Jun 26: Congressional Budget Office estimates 2009 outlays to stem economic and financial crises. But the bigger problem for the budget looms elsewhere. More
Jun 26: Paychecks swelled by 1.4% last month, pulled higher by an increase in unemployment benefits and lower taxes. More
Jun 26: Jamie Dimon's bank racked up $2.4 billion in deal fees during the year's first-half, bumping Bank of America/Merrill Lynch from the top earner spot. More
Jun 25: The airline says 1 in 6 workers volunteer for unpaid leave, part-time working or unpaid work, saving the company up to $16 million. More
Jun 25: Fed chairman tells Congress he did not threaten to fire Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis and did not order former Treasury secretary Henry Paulson to do so. More
Jun 25: After several down sessions, Wall Street stages an advance, with consumer, commodity and tech shares leading the charge. More
Jun 25: Even after escaping TARP, banks that cut their dividends last year are unlikely to reward rattled shareholders by boosting payouts any time soon. More
Jun 25: Despite narrower revision, the broadest measure of the nation's economic activity posts second steepest decline in 27 years. More
Jun 24: The U.S. central bank keeps federal funds rate at a target range of 0 to 0.25%. More
Jun 24: At least 19 states still have to approve their fiscal 2010 budgets before next Tuesday. If they don't, staffers might not be paid and services might shut down. More
Jun 24: Sales ticked down 0.6% last month, down 32.8% from last year. More
Jun 24: Central bank holds rates steady, says economy is stabilizing. Wall Street rally loses steam, with Dow ending at a one-month low. More
Jun 24: Bailed out financial giant says it will raise employees' base salaries, but will cut other payments to keep total compensation constant. More
Jun 23: President says Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has done a 'fine job' - defends administration's plan to make Fed the regulator for systemic risk. More
Sep 22: Small businesses employ most of the nation's workers, but as banks clamp down on lending and consumers watch their wallets, independent companies are struggling to survive. Entrepreneurs from around the U.S. wrote in to tell us how they're weathering the financial turmoil. (more)