Seniors face grim choices amid market shock Dec 9: Many are delaying retirement, and even returning to work to cope with falling home values and deteriorating investments. More
Dec 9: Despite unprecedented economic turmoil, pending sales came in much stronger than the 3% drop economists had forecast. More
Dec 9: Many renters have no clue that their homes are in any danger at all - until a sheriff comes to evict them. More
Dec 5: Many Americans are outraged that their money is being spent to rescue irresponsible mortgage borrowers. Still, that probably won't stop government officials. More
Dec 2: Bank efforts to modify mortgages for troubled homeowners fail to reduce foreclosures - Sheila Bair urges resistant investors to be 'fiscally responsible.' More
Dec 2: Ordinary home sellers have a hard time competing against the cut-rate bank owned properties that are currently dominating the market. More
Nov 26: The $800 billion infusion of federal funds into credit markets has an immediate impact on mortgage rates. More
Nov 25: Fewer foreclosures are going all the way through to auction sales and bank repossessions, according to coalition. More
Nov 25: A Case-Shiller survey shows a 16.6% annual decline in the summer months as the housing picture continues to deteriorate. More
Nov 20: By halting evictions, the mortgage giants get time to implement a recent rescue plan. More
Nov 20: Freddie Mac cites weakening economy for easing of long-term rates. More
Nov 19: Department of Housing and Urban Development makes changes to Hope for Homeowners plan aimed at increasing participation. More
Nov 19: Many for-profit companies now offer foreclosure counseling services to at-risk homeowners. Are they worth the price? More
Nov 19: Many for-profit companies now offer foreclosure counseling services to at-risk homeowners. Are they worth the price? More
Nov 18: A survey of homebuilders' assessment of the housing market shows the industry's sentiment fell in November to yet another low. More
Nov 18: Foreclosures take heavy toll on home prices but bargain hunters are re-entering worst-hit markets. More
Nov 14: A new housing rescue plan from the administration targets some of the most troubled homeowners. More
Nov 13: Freddie Mac cites weakening economy for easing of long-term rates. More
Nov 13: As government and industry scramble to reverse the tide of foreclosures, filings jumped 25% in October. More
Nov 10: A new program aimed at homeowners who haven't defaulted yet could help 130,000 mortgage borrowers stay in their homes. More
Nov 7: The worsening financial crisis stops bargain hunters in their tracks. More
Nov 6: Bad loans were originally the main culprit driving homeowners into foreclosure. But now it's unemployment that's fueling the mortgage meltdown. More
Nov 6: Rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages drop to 6.20% from 6.46% and are expected to remain firm. More
Oct 31: The bank will put a moratorium on foreclosures until its new program can be implemented in about 90 days. More
Oct 31: Nearly a fifth of U.S. borrowers owe more on their mortgages than their homes are currently worth - and that number is growing. More
Oct 30: Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages surge to 6.46% from 6.06% on news of Fed rate cut. More
Oct 29: Interest rate declines spark a spike in mortgage borrowing. More
Oct 28: 10 major markets have seen home values fall 17.7% over the past 12 months, and experts expect the declines to continue. More
Oct 27: Foreclosure prevention group Hope Now says it's helped 2.5 million home owners since the start of the housing crisis last summer. More
Oct 27: New home sales show some signs of life, but September sales were still a third lower than year-ago levels. More
Oct 24: When the FDIC seized mortgage giant IndyMac it was one of the biggest bank failures ever. Now the troubled lender just may lead us out of the housing mess. More
Oct 24: As golf courses around the country succumb to debt, one Florida neighborhood is battling to keep its club alive. More
Oct 24: Sales of homes by homeowners rose in September, but prices declined by 9% from a year earlier. More
Oct 23: Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages fell to 6.04% from 6.46% on news of mild inflation, weak housing market. More
Oct 23: Third quarter numbers saw a sharp rise compared to last year; in September, 81,312 homes were repossessed by lenders. More
Oct 22: The government-rescue program for troubled borrowers launched on Oct. 1, but it's not clear how many workouts have been executed. More
Oct 17: Home construction and building permits both fall sharply in September to levels not seen since January 1991. More
Oct 16: Rates saw the biggest weekly jump since 1987 - analysts predict 30-year fixed mortgage rates will climb higher, and pin the hike on government rescue efforts. More
Oct 15: The rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage has spiked recently, and it may climb higher thanks to the government's massive rescue efforts. More
Oct 14: Owners who've seen a steep drop in their home's value shouldn't expect to get a break on their property taxes. More
Oct 10: As the financial crisis intensifies, the few potential buyers out there are reconsidering a purchase. More
Oct 9: Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages were down for the first time in three weeks, as loan applications grew slightly. More
Oct 6: The foreclosure prevention program is the most aggressive initiative undertaken yet to help stem the housing crisis. More
Oct 3: The average sales price in Manhattan continues to climb - it's now $1.4 million - but the number of buyers is falling fast. More
Oct 2: Rates on 30-year mortgages averaged 6.10% this week, as loan applications slow in face of credit crisis. More
Oct 2: Nearly 189,000 at risk borrowers got help during the month, according to Hope Now, down slightly from the number of homeowners helped in July. More
Sep 26: The meltdown on Wall Street is making it even harder for home buyers to land a mortgage loan. More
Sep 26: The meltdown on Wall Street is making it even harder for home buyers to land a mortgage loan. More
Sep 25: Sales pace of new homes lowest since January 1991 as prices hit a four-year low and inventory remains high. More
Sep 24: Sales of homes by homeowners dropped in August as prices decline by 9.5% from a year earlier. More
Sep 23: The shocking events over the last two weeks are hurting the already moribund real estate market. More
Sep 23: The government is bailing as fast as it can to try to stabilize foundering housing markets. How will home buyers respond? More
Sep 22: Prices have dropped. A lot. But it's still surprisingly hard to find buyers. More
Sep 20: The troubled mortgage finance giant announces restructuring of organization with more direct reports to CEO. More
Sep 17: What did the government get for its $85 billion? Time to try to unwind a company with $1 trillion in assets. More
Sep 17: Refinance applications jump 88% from prior week as 30-year fixed-rate mortgage drops to 5.82%. More
Sep 17: Median home price fell 34% in August from last year, sales up 10% during period but many driven by foreclosures. More
Sep 17: Testifying before Congress, lenders praised the FHA's foreclosure prevention program but indicated that they'd prefer to handle their own mortgage workouts. More
Sep 17: Bush administration says deal to offer $85 billion in public funds to failing insurance giant was warranted. More
Sep 16: Despite downgrade, S&L's shares rise and recover from a rough open on Wall Street. More
Sep 16: Government response reaches dramatic new level: U.S. will take 80% stake in nation's largest insurer to prevent global financial chaos. More
Sep 15: News of AIG downgrades and Lehman bankruptcy reverberate across the globe, punishing stock markets from Europe to Asia. More
Sep 15: Already battered, Washington Mutual shares fall 27% as potential capital sources' attention is diverted. More
Sep 14: With hopes fading about Lehman Brothers' survival, U.S. and foreign banks are in talks to form a pool of up to $50 billion to lend to battered financial firms. More
Sep 14: Nation's largest insurer will unveil restructuring effort on Monday as company races to raise cash and avoid credit downgrades. More
Sep 12: The nation's largest savings and loan says it remains sufficiently capitalized, but two ratings agencies downgrade its debt. Stock falls again Friday. More
Sep 12: There were 304,000 homes in some stage of default last month, and 91,000 families lost their homes. More
Sep 11: The nation's largest savings and loan says it remains sufficiently capitalized but two ratings agencies downgrade WaMu's debt; stock falls again Friday. More
Sep 11: A handful of economists and analysts predict the slump will bottom out, and home prices will level off by next summer - advice worth listening to. More
Sep 11: Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Clayton homes makes loans to low-income households - and foreclosures have actually dropped. More
Sep 10: James Lockhart, a longtime Bush friend, is leading the oversight of newly seized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. More
Sep 10: The takeover of Fannie and Freddie may make mortgage borrowing cheaper - but it won't make getting a loan any easier. More
Sep 9: July decline of 3.2%, reversing prior month gain, shows housing market remains in 'malaise.' More
Sep 9: The two mortgage finance companies doled out $174-million over the past 10 years to Washington lobbyists, report says. More
Sep 8: By taking control of Fannie and Freddie, the Treasury Secretary risks making it harder for other troubled financial firms to raise money. More
Sep 7: One expert gives Treasury a good grade. A bond guru even says the government could make money. More
Sep 7: Scenes from the 'background briefing' after the government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. More
Sep 7: Bailout of mortgage giants should result in lower mortgage costs and make credit more available. But lending standards will stay tight and risky borrowers will still pay extra fees. More
Sep 7: Investors in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac face massive losses when trading opens Monday. More
Sep 7: Here's how the two mortgage giants became wards of the federal government. More
Sep 7: Head of new oversight agency details steps to oversee mortgage finance companies. More
Sep 7: Treasury Secretary unveils plan to bolster mortgage backers. More
Sep 7: Treasury chief Paulson unveils historic government takeover of twin mortgage buyers. Top executives are out. More
Sep 6: A government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can take many forms, and so could the cost to the U.S. Treasury. More
Sep 6: Big buyers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debt have been shying away. The Treasury secretary wants to coax them back. More
Sep 5: Loans in foreclosure have doubled over the past year, while delinquency rates continue to soar. More
Sep 3: Defaults on option ARM mortgages are expected to double in the next two years, driving foreclosure rates even higher. More
Aug 29: In this buyer's market, many are taking advantage of sellers' desperation, demanding major home repairs, warranties on appliances, and even tax rebates. More
Aug 27: The Hope Now coalition reports that it completed a record number of mortgage workouts in July - but that was outpaced by the increasing rate of foreclosures. More
Aug 27: A new law was supposed to make it easier for buyers in expensive markets to get affordable loans. Instead, rates are going up for everyone. More
Aug 26: The FDIC is keeping close tabs on 117 banks. Here are answers to common questions about how the agency IDs troubled banks. More
Aug 26: Sales pace of new homes in July grew 2.4%, due to a large downward revision in sales from the previous month. Unadjusted monthly sales fall to 13-year low. More
Aug 26: National prices fell 15.4% in past 12 months. Las Vegas was the worst-hit city, while Denver and Boston saw the biggest price increases. More
Aug 26: A crackdown on underwriting has failed to halt an explosion of fraudulent home loans. More
Aug 25: Sales by homeowners increased more than expected in July, as median prices fell 7% from July 2007. But supplies still rise to a record high, pushing prices even lower. More
Aug 25: The veteran congressman thinks his new law can help get us out of our housing slump. Meanwhile, he's not shy about saying who got us into it. More
Aug 22: Never before have there been so many squalid, dilapidated homes on the market - and they're helping to exaggerate already-plummeting home prices. More
Aug 20: FDIC offers plan to systematically modify loans for homeowners most at risk of foreclosure. Agency chief hopes program will spur other banks to take similar measures. More
Aug 20: A drop in the refinancing of existing mortgages spurs a downturn in applications. More
Aug 20: Government rescue may be on the table as the mortgage finance giants struggle with losses. More
But the latest home prices from Realtors show losses seem to be easing. (more)
Second quarter numbers are in from the National Association of Realtors - 149 markets tracked. (more)
Stockton, Calif. records highest foreclosure rate among nation's metro areas according to a new survey. (more)
Leading mortgage lender tightens lending standards, turns to more expensive $11.5 billion line of credit to maintain liquidity; chairman cashing out of stock. (more)
Starts and permits both fall more than forecasts as builders pull back from troubled market. (more)
But strength of markets, economy should prevent a recession, Treasury Secretary tells Wall Street Journal. (more)
Clinton, Dodd, Obama and Edwards take aim at reforming lending practices. (more)
A grim forecast has economists more pessimistic over how far the collapse will spread to the rest of the economy. (more)
Bernanke & Co. did not signal an imminent rate cut at the Fed's last meeting, but some think the Fed will take emergency action as the credit crunch gets worse. (more)
As financing markets seize up, investors are growing more skeptical that some buyout deals will happen. (more)
Buyers with good credit and a down payment will make out well - all others, prepare to pay. (more)
The cost of financing an expensive home purchase is jumping, making high-end buyers the latest victims of the mortgage meltdown. (more)
AIG sees uptick in defaults in more credit categories. European investors feel the pain too. (more)
Billions in subprime ARMs will be subject to higher payments. (more)
A new survey shows foreclosure clusters are on the move from industrial centers to coastal and southern states. (more)
More and more mortgage companies are closing shop as the subprime loan saga continues. Here's what to do if yours shuts down. (more)
If you're on the cusp of retirement and feel rattled by the recent volatility in stocks, here's a way to protect your portfolio (more)

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