Players: The publicist
Stephen Huvane, managing director, PMK/HBH Public Relations
By Robert Moritz and the editors of InStyle

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) - They may not be on any Walk of Fame, but without them, stars wouldn't be either. A look at the folks who find the jobs, make the deals, and handle the media exposure so those they represent stand out from the crowd.

Stephen Huvane, managing director, PMK/HBH Public Relations

Clients: Jennifer Aniston, Alan Cumming, Kirsten Dunst, Peri Gilpin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Carla Gugino, Bryce Dallas Howard, Helen Hunt, Lucy Liu, Dominic Monaghan, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Dermot Mulroney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Ryan, Stanley Tucci, Liv Tyler

These pros navigate the byzantine financing schemes, courtship rituals with producers and studios, and media placement essential to 21st-century moviemaking.
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A look at the folks who find the jobs, make the deals, and handle the media. (more)

What do you do? I'm primarily responsible for a person's public image and for managing the exposure level. When an actor is beginning his or her career, I try to get them out there to be seen by the industry.

Major in college? Economics at Villanova.

Does it come in handy? Not at all.

What personality traits do you need to be a publicist? Good taste, knowing when enough is enough, a sense of timing, and really good instincts.

Hours on the phone? When I first started, my phone sheet would be 100 to 120 calls a day. Now it's down to probably 25, but my e-mails are at about 200 to 300.

Best part of your job? Traveling.

Worst part? The tabloids.

Work uniform? Generra or Joe's Jeans and a T-shirt, sometimes a sport jacket, and flip-flops.

Favorite designers? Calvin Klein, Gucci.

What would you never be caught dead wearing? A Grateful Dead T-shirt.

Favorite lunch spot? I go to a very not-Hollywood place called Sur, on Robertson and Melrose.

Car? A Prius.

Most popular misconception about your job? That we're pushy, shove-y people.

And the truth is? We're slightly pushy and shove-y.

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