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Looking back

Last year's winners were flying high. Where are they now?

(FSB Magazine) -- MUSCLEMORPH (

This medical startup, which took first place in 2006, wowed judges with an artificial muscle tissue that looked to be a standout in the growing prosthetics industry. Since then, founder and Stanford Ph.D. candidate Rodrigo Alvarez has lost his Wharton MBA teammate but continues to seek $1.3 million from angel investors to back this extremely challenging technology.

Team MuscleMorph
Showdown: Killer Startups
• 1st place: Green Dragon Roach Kill
• 2nd place: Saatwic Foods
• 3rd place: SweetRiot
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This student team from Brigham Young University scored second place with its concept for a wireless handheld device aimed at mapmakers and land surveyors. Tim Wessman and Adam Robertson launched their first two devices shortly after the competition, and grabbed good reviews and third place in another business plan competition. Plus, the team signed a European distribution deal in early September.


To help surgeons see better, Dr. Wayne Poll invented a way to clear fog from laparoscope lenses. The third-place finisher has hired a new CEO and is awaiting FDA approval, which he expects in the first quarter of 2008. Top of page