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Fairfield, CT
What do you think of Fairfield, CT, the No. 9 city on this year's Best Places to Live list? What makes it a great American town? Are real estate prices reasonable? How are the schools? What activities and events does it offer? Is it a place where you can live a low-stress life? If you don't live there now, would you consider moving there? Tell us what you think. The best replies will be published here, and possibly in a future story on CNNMoney.com.
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Tell us what you think of the No. 1 city on this year's Best Places to Live list.
Posted By Anonymous : 5:42 PM  

What makes this city a great American town?
Posted By Anonymous : 5:42 PM  

If you don't live in this city now, would you consider moving there? The best replies will be published here.
Posted By Anonymous : 5:42 PM  

I am a teacher currently employed by Fairfield Board of Education and am always astounded by the community's absolute committment to education. The district strives for excellence; that includes the parents, the teachers, and most importantly the students!

I have taught at several other districts. When I began teaching in Fairfield a year ago, I heard how spectacular the students were....the feedback doesn't do the students justice. I have never had such polite, respectful, academic students with such a love for/of reading and education.

It is a breath of fresh air being part of such a wonderful district!
Posted By Christina DeGennaro, West Haven CT : 3:32 PM  

Fairfield is great place to live because the people are connected with each other. Hundreds, if not thousands, volunteer in the schools and/or the town so many get to know each other. That gives Fairfield, a town of 57,000, a small town feel - I can go anywhere in town and see someone I know. Some of the people who live here are 3d and 4th generation Fairfielder's. People who grew up here try to return to Fairfield, because they love it so much. My own 17-year-old son made the comment "Fairfield is perfect." Unfortunately, it is getting more expensive. But worth shooting for!
Posted By Betty Ann, Fairfield, CT : 11:43 AM  

I have lived in Fairfield for the past 15 years and am thrilled to be able to raise a family here. It is in many ways a throw back to a simpler time with parades, concerts on the green, a independant community movie house and a downtown not overwhelmed by chain stores and strip malls.
In addition, besides the outstanding educational opportunities,what makes Fairfield unique is a true sense of community where you know and care for your neighbors, you don't feel as though you need to lock your doors, and there are many families who have been here for generations.
Fairfield is physically beautiful with a classic New England downtown, several town beaches hundreds of acres of preservation land and a spectacularly preserved, truely rural, area called Greenfield Hill complete with horse farms and bucolic roads lined with centuries old fieldstone walls. The Southport area of Fairfield, an old seafaring community is similarly beautiful, preserved and includes one of the most picturesque harbors in all of New England.
Though Fairfield may lack some ethnic diversity one of its true virtues is its lack of exclusivity, this can not be said for all of coastal Fairfield County. My plumber, carpenter, electrician, and gardener all live and raise their families in Fairfield and many of them are third or fourth generation. These people are the true backbone of the community and much of the towns beauty and preservation are due to these longtime residents who dedicate their time and expertise to maintaining the towns character.
The editors of Money did a wonderful job in capturing the essence of the town, how gratifying!
Posted By Timothy Dwight, Fairfield, CT : 4:22 PM  

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