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Acura gets Emotional
Acura gets Emotional
Posted by Karl Brauer,

Acura wants the company's future product to be guided by emotion, and the not-so-creatively-named Sports Car Concept is supposed to represent that thinking. (You can get Automobile Magazine's take on it here, too.) With a front-engine and all-wheel-drive it could be argued that this concept isn't as "creative" as its mid-engine predecessor (the NSX).

However, using this design gives the concept car a greater shot at reality, as a front-engine, AWD platform would much easier to use for other, non-sports-car, models (such as a large luxury sedan). The NSX could have only ever been a sports car, but this basic structure could underpin multiple Acuras.

My biggest complaint? It looks too much like a 1970s Corvette, at least in the front end. But the proportions are right on, and Acura does need a shot of both performance (love that V10 under the hood) and emotion in their line-up. I'll take mine in emotional red, thank you.









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