There are new and redesigned cars coming out all the time. But these look so enticing you should consider holding off on other purchases until you've had a chance to check them out. Working with Jack Nerad of Kelley Blue Book's and Karl Brauer of, we've selected 10 that might well be worth the wait.
Buick Enclave
Large luxury crossover
Buick Enclave
Expected release: Early summer
The Enclave will be the third GM vehicle based on the company's new three-row crossover SUV platform. To GM's credit, though, these three don't look like rebadged versions of the same vehicle.

The Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia are available now. Both are strong performers. The Enclave promises more luxury, nicer amenities and an even quieter ride. Outside, it features sweeping, muscular lines with Buick's trademark fender vents. Inside, the feeling is casual but classy.

It will be powered by a 275-horsepower V6 engine connected to a six-speed automatic transmission.

"I'd suggest that it's a less expensive Audi Q7," said's Karl Brauer.

Mid-sized sedan

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