There are new and redesigned cars coming out all the time. But these look so enticing you should consider holding off on other purchases until you've had a chance to check them out. Working with Jack Nerad of Kelley Blue Book's and Karl Brauer of, we've selected 10 that might well be worth the wait.
Chevrolet Malibu
Mid-sized sedan
Chevrolet Malibu
Expected release: Fall 2007
The new Chevrolet Malibu, introduced in January at the Detroit Auto Show, has nothing to do with any Chevrolet Malibu you may have rented in the past. If you're looking at a mid-sized car and you don't have to move now, you'd do well to hang on and check out the Malibu when it becomes available.

This car is bigger, much nicer looking inside and out, and it will drive much better, too. (We know this because we've driven the Saturn Aura, which shares its engineering.)

Outside, the new Malibu looks substantial and attractive. The interior features a sweeping twin-cockpit design inspired by 1950s Corvettes.

General Motors has finally realized that, while people will happily buy boring sedans from Toyota, they will not buy them from GM. So GM has worked hard to improve the quality as well as the emotional appeal of its cars and trucks. The improved designs give you a reason to look and improved quality gives you no reason to turn away.

Available engines will be a 3.6-liter V-6 and a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder. Optional features will include a panoramic sunroof that stretches over both front and back seats.

Mid-sized sedan

Large luxury crossover

Full-sized truck

Small luxury SUV

Entry luxury sedan

Large luxury sedan

Compact car

Luxury convertible

Entry luxury sedan

Hybrid sedan
Note: Since they are not yet in production, prices and fuel mileage estimates are not available for most of these vehicles.
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