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Memory Not Required
PicoPad; $4; www.everydayinnovations.com

David Wurtz, Co-founder, Flagr

We're primed in the 21st century to think that electronics solve every work problem we encounter. But truth be told, sometimes centuries-old solutions work just fine. For instance, though my cell phone helps me do a lot of things, it's not much use when I need to jot something down quickly.

But the one thing I always have on hand is my wallet, which is why the PicoPad is the perfect low-tech solution to an everyday need. The ultraslim case contains 15 sticky notes and a small pen and slips neatly into one of my wallet's credit card slots. It's more than a slimmed-down stack of Post-Its: The PicoPad is brilliantly designed, and the pen is surprisingly comfortable, with a fairly thick tip and two small flaps that open up so I can write with a firm grip.

I know, it sounds too simple to brag about. But you should see the amazement on people's faces when I pull out the pad to take notes or give them information. Now I'm the go-to guy whenever someone at the office needs pen and paper fast--I'm the only one who seems to have either one handy.




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