Ultramobile PCs

The newest UMPCs aren't cheap, but they weigh 2 pounds or less and are robust enough to be the only desktop you'll ever need. Business 2.0 Magazine picks the best of the bunch.

Sony Vaio VGN-UX390N
Size: 3.7 x 5.9 in.; Weight: 1.2 lb.; $2,500; www.sonystyle.com

31/2 stars

PROS Sony's technical wizardry shines in the new Vaio VGN-UX390N, which is the most feature-rich of this group. It has two built-in cameras, a fingerprint scanner, and a 32GB solid-state flash memory drive (SSD) that's faster and more durable than a traditional hard drive and lasts longer on a charge. The UX390N also has the brightest and sharpest screen of the bunch and uses Edge cellular technology (a close second to EVDO) for connecting to the Web when Wi-Fi isn't available.

CONS While the 4.5-inch screen is sharp, the small text can strain your eyes, and the keys are spaced far enough apart to make typing uncomfortable.

BUY THIS ONE IF ... You're willing to trade a little bit of readability and portability for some very cool features.



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