Best places to do business in the wired world

Business travelers are as likely to find themselves in Seoul or Bangalore as they are on Sand Hill Road. But where to meet, eat and check e-mail? Not to worry. Our city-by-city list details the best places to get things done, no matter where you are.

Wondering what your cell phone will be like in three years? Head to Seoul, home of electronics giants Samsung and LG and the world's proving grounds for cutting-edge wireless technologies.

How to get around: The streets are crowded, so go underground. Seoul's subway system reaches all over the city (and beyond), its lines are color-coded, and English-language signs abound.

Where to find free Wi-Fi: The arty Yri Café (33720 Mapogu Seokye Tong; 82-2-323-7864; does double duty as your remote office by day and a happening hangout with live music at night.

Where to get a trim: You'll appreciate the quick, quality haircuts from the English-speaking stylists at Toni & Guy (Third Floor, 644-14 Kangnam Shinsa-dong; 82-2-540-0061; You'll also appreciate the price: about $1.

Best place to get down to business: Reserve a private room at Tani Next Door (9F Ave. L, 130 Namdaemunro 2-Ga Jung-gu; 82-2-2118-6100), an Asian fusion restaurant in Seoul's trendy downtown district.

Best place to celebrate closing the deal: Head to Kayarang (239-4 Itaewon-dong, Yongsanku; 82-2-797-4000) for traditional Korean food, folk songs, and dance.

What you might not know: Koreans address each other by their professional titles, followed by names.

Bangalore, India

Barcelona, Spain

Helsinki, Finland

Hong Kong



Shanghai, China


Stockholm, Sweden

Tallinn, Estonia

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tokyo, Japan
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