Best places to do business in the wired world

Business travelers are as likely to find themselves in Seoul or Bangalore as they are on Sand Hill Road. But where to meet, eat and check e-mail? Not to worry. Our city-by-city list details the best places to get things done, no matter where you are.

Dell, IBM, Intel, and Sony all have a presence in Singapore, and there is a growing entrepreneurial community as well.

How to get around: No matter where you're going, the answer is SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transport). Its subway and buses are very efficient, and it also runs cheap cabs.

Where to find free Wi-Fi: Everywhere. All public spaces are covered by a wireless network.

Where to get a trim: If you're desperate, get a $6 haircut at any EC House. The same company recently launched a slightly higher-end chain ($13 cuts) called Modésle (Citylink Mall at 1 Raffles Link, and Terminal 2 at Changi Airport).

Best place to get down to business: The chic Balaclava bar (1 Raffles Blvd., Suntec City Convention Center; 65-339-1600) has armchairs, lamps, and screen divides.

Best place to celebrate closing the deal: You can't go wrong at award-winning Jumbo Seafood (Blk. 1206 E. Coast Parkway 01-07/08; 65-6442-3435), but for local flavor, try the bamboo clams with minced garlic.

What you might not know: When you receive a business card, read it. Don't write on it, put it in your back pocket, or haphazardly stash it in a folder; that's considered rude.

Bangalore, India

Barcelona, Spain

Helsinki, Finland

Hong Kong



Shanghai, China


Stockholm, Sweden

Tallinn, Estonia

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tokyo, Japan
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