Talk about smart cars: These new auto electronics, shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, make for one sweet ride.
Elettromedia Hertz HP 1 KD Amplifier and Mille ML 300 Subwoofer
Elettromedia's in-car power amplifier (left) is both smooth and powerful, and pairs with a sub-woofer (right) that delivers a stylish punch.
Elettromedia Hertz HP 1 KD Amplifier and Mille ML 300 Subwoofer

Getting a true, musical lower register out of your car's audio system ain't easy. Lower-quality systems sure are loud; but how much idiotic in-car "boom, boom, boom" can you stand?

There is news in the lower registers of car audio.Personally, I like what I am hearing from a new matched subwoofer and amplifier: the Hertz HP 1 KD in-car audio amplifier and Mille ML 300 Subwoofer from Elettromedia. (Price: TBA)

The system puts out an even, balanced wall of sound that is dimensional and crisp, like a full raging waterfall. Not bad for a unit that sits under the seat of your car.







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