Talk about smart cars: These new auto electronics, shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, make for one sweet ride.
Drive   Play 2
Drive Play 2
Harman Kardon

Just about my favorite example of all that is right with in-car electronics is the new Drive Play 2 system from Harman Kardon ($399), due out later this year.

The unit connects your satellite radio, portable player (i.e. your iPod) and cellphone (including call data, music, and photos), just to name a few, to a stylish single interface that can be safely managed with one hand while driving

The demo system I briefly tested consisted of a way-slick small wireless control knob, an FM transmitter that jacks directly into your lighter and a well-done small display that attaches to your dash.

Better yet, the entire system is wireless and can be installed, according to the company, in a few hours.

The control unit is the best part: The Drive Play is designed with a blissfully fat-American-hand-scaled knob that allows for fast and easy scrolling through menus - sort of like how the iPod works, but with a more tactile feel. No Vulcan mind melds to get your car's electronics to work.







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