Old dogs, new tricks

FSB's archives are packed with entrepreneurs who reinvented stagnant industries. Here's how some of them are doing today.

New trick: Bandages
New trick: Bandages
Hemcon medical technologies
The bandage industry was never rocket science, or even shrimp science. But now HemCon's crustacean-derived chitosan bandages stop bleeding faster. When we profiled the Portland, Ore., firm (July/August 2006), HemCon, whose biggest customer is the U.S. military, estimated that its revenues that year would be $20 million on 180,000 bandages sold. It reached $24 million with 270,000 sold. In October it launched a product to stop bleeding during dental surgery. HemCon plans to release a civilian version of its bandage later this year. -Julie Sloane






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