Old dogs, new tricks

FSB's archives are packed with entrepreneurs who reinvented stagnant industries. Here's how some of them are doing today.

New trick: Bus travel
New trick: Bus travel
What's duller than the inter-city bus industry? If you've ever taken a long-haul trip, it's a rhetorical question. In FSB's February 2004 issue, we covered LimoLiner, a luxury motor coach service, aimed at business travelers, that now boasts five new 45-foot liners and 51 weekly one-way trips between Boston and New York City. Annual ticket sales have doubled to 29,000. The profitable Boston-based business had 2006 revenues of $2 million and attributes growth to word-of-mouth and direct marketing. But LimoLiner has no plans to expand service beyond its current route. -Brandi Stewart






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