5 blinged-out gadgets

Forget about the iPhone -- these extravagant electronics are where fabulous meets function in the world of high tech.

Luvaglio laptop
Luvaglio laptop

Good luck expensing this one. UK-based luxury goods outfit Luvaglio has unveiled the first seven-figure laptop, with a 17" LED screen, 128GB of memory, a built in USB memory stick, MP3 player and Blue-Ray disc drive.

As for the bling factor, there's a big, fat diamond ring that serves as the power button and detaches when the computer is off so it can also be worn as a piece of jewelry. The diamond also serves as security identification that unlocks the computer. Each laptop is completely customizable with a selection of "precious metals, leathers and real woods," not to mention, of course, more gemstones.

Gold iPod

Cell phone

Diamond mouse


Universal remote
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