5 blinged-out gadgets

Forget about the iPhone -- these extravagant electronics are where fabulous meets function in the world of high tech.

Amosu gold iPod
Amosu gold iPod
$830, engraving is extra

Showcase your stellar music collection in a 24-carat gold audio player with the help of Amosu. The London-based firm will turn your iPod from white to wow, and even engrave your name or favorite song lyric on the back.

Nearly 7,000 customers have used the popular service to pimp their iPods since it launched in February, and the company plans to add gold iPhones to their offerings later this month. Currently Amosu will also upgrade a wide range of other cell phones from Motorola, Nokia and LG with gold and even diamonds. The options -- and price tags -- are nearly limitless.

Gold iPod

Cell phone

Diamond mouse


Universal remote
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