5 lush Las Vegas suites

If you're headed for the strip and looking for the ultimate in indulgence, here's where to stay.

Presidential suite at the Four Seasons
Presidential suite at the Four Seasons
$3,000 a night

Think of this Four Seasons suite as an antidote to all things Vegas. Sequestered on the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the Four Seasons is far removed from the din of the slot machines. In fact, it's the only resort on this list without its own casino. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer expansive views of a wide-open desert panorama, rather than the strip's bright lights. The four-star, five-diamond hotel is arguably the nicest in Las Vegas but, because of its tranquility, is not really suited to those that want to party. In fact, the one-bedroom suite, which is outfitted with a baby grand piano, a deep soaking whirlpool tub and even an espresso maker, can be configured as a two-or three-bedroom suite by adding connecting rooms, making it well suited for (gasp) families.

Presidential suite

Hefner suite

Chairman suite

Hardwood suite

Fairway villa
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