New Ram bucks the trends

Redesigned Dodge truck has sophisticated rear suspension, lockable storage and a wind-cheating design.

2009 Dodge Ram
Underneath it all
Perhaps the most significant change of all is something you can't see unless you stick your head under the bed. The new Dodge Ram has a radically different rear suspension.

The new suspension uses coil springs instead of the long, flat leaf springs usually found on trucks. Leaf springs, which are basically the same sort of suspension used on horse-drawn wagons, have usually been a favorite for pick-ups because they can take heavy loads. But coil springs can be used with sophisticated suspension systems to give a more supple ride.

Even with coil springs and a multi-link suspension, the Ram can still haul just as much as ever.

Under the hood, Dodge is offering a reworked 5.7-liter Hemi engine that offers increased horsepower and torque but with four percent better fuel economy, says Chrysler.

Last updated January 14 2008: 11:29 AM ET




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