Overtime pitfalls: The lurking traps

A rash of wage-and-hour lawsuits is drawing attention to the often-overlooked complexities of overtime pay laws. Think you don't owe overtime? Check our gallery of potential tripwires.

Illustrations by Terry Allen for Fortune Small Business.

Extra Hours
Extra Hours
Can an employer establish a 50-hour workweek?

No and yes. Employers can set any length of workweek; the FLSA doesn't enforce a legal minimum or maximum number of hours. But if an employee is nonexempt, her boss must pay overtime past 40 hours. If she is exempt, however, an employer can require the additional hours at a set salary - and dock her pay if she doesn't comply. But her check can't dip below the $455 a week threshold without potentially invalidating her exemption.

Last updated January 22 2008: 8:59 AM ET

The $23,660 Rule

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IT Employees

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Comp Time

Stock Options

The Cog Factor

The Overtime Bomb
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