CES 2008: Best tech for and by small businesses

LAS VEGAS - The 150,000 nerds that swarmed to Vegas from around the world didn't witness the birth of the next iPhone or similar blockbuster. In the words of FSB tech columnist Jonathan Blum: "In 2008, the tech thing will be sort of like going to Costco: You'll have to be prepared to dig a bit to get the really good stuff." Below, his picks for the best of CES for and by small businesses.

Underwater Digital Camera Mask
A better underwater picture
Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Looking for an "immersive" niche market? Might I suggest underwater digital photography?

As any casual diver will tell you, using the new generation of waterproof cameras, like the Pentax Optio W30 ($299), can be a chore. Framing images properly takes up one - or both - hands, which you sort of need when you're swimming.

Well, tiny Sacramento, Calif.-based Liquid Image (formerly Zocker Toys) has come up with a better way to get those precious underwater keepsakes: Place a decent still- and video-camera inside a diving mask. Hello, Underwater Digital Camera Mask. Liquid Image founder and president Kurt Pearson says he got the idea trying to take good pictures on vacation. He insists just about anybody can be Jacques Cousteau with a little bit of practice.

Last updated January 11 2008: 3:38 PM ET

Underwater Digital Camera Mask

OmniMount Motion 52

Viable VPad

RiData SATA Solid State Drive

NetGear ReadyNAS Duo

e-Detail Prezenter PSR

NRG Dock
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