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Sure, Web-based business applications are all the rage. But how much sense do they really make for Mac owners? After all, you're paying a fortune to get that Apple experience, with OS X and its ease-of-use. Why then throw it all away to rely on Safari or Firefox?

Well, U.K.-based CHl Software agrees. It has developed a traditional server-based application for secure document collaboration and management. The system creates a central file repository that any user can reach. Then, it very specifically manages content revisions, access privileges, and what users can do with the files they open. The result, the company claims, is a nearly bomb-proof document management system. And the price is right: The system can replace solutions that cost twice as much. If you're running Macs and need an industrial-strength file management system, this product is worth a look.

Approximately $1,200 per seat

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LAST UPDATE: Jan 07 2009 | 12:23 PM ET
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