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Name: Aparna Chennapragada
Title: Product manager at Google
Years with the company: 2

I made the big move from the east coast to the west coast to join Google and we were expecting our first child. I was basically leaving behind our family and friends and leaving my support structure.

I was really apprehensive because I wasn't sure how the work life balance would turn out. I thought that the technology industry was not as family friendly. It was a pleasant surprise to see how much the company and my colleagues cared about striking that balance. Most of the time you feel you forgo one for the other, I found a place where you can actually have both.

My son goes to the daycare that's run by Google that's just a mile from campus. As a working mother, it's great to have peace of mind, without having to worry about how he's doing. If he's sick I can go check in on him. There are so many of my colleagues that are also working moms and I get useful advice and tips on everything from making dinners that are healthy to staying on track career-wise while raising a family. It's great to have that support.

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Last updated January 20 2011: 6:16 AM ET

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