$17 pint of ice cream
$17 pint of ice cream
Company : MilkMade
Headquarters: New York City
Website : www.milkmadeicecream.com

MilkMade founder Diana Hardeman says there are many ice creams that cost $10 to $12 per pint, which is around the price of one of her pints. Her $5 delivery charge, however, makes it the priciest around. Hardeman delivers directly to your door -- as long as you live in Manhattan and have gotten to the front of the 1,500-person waiting list.

MilkMade's ice creams are unique flavors that "you won't find at the supermarket," she said. They are made fresh in small batches, and use local ingredients.

This month's flavors: Debt by Chocolate, a white chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips, and Pop Tart, an apricot ice cream with Williamsburg, Brooklyn-made artisan pop tarts.

Last updated August 23 2011: 11:14 AM ET
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