David Tepper, Appaloosa Management
David Tepper, Appaloosa Management
Tepper celebrates with graduates at Carnegie Mellon's recently named David A. Tepper School of Business.

As a trader at Goldman Sachs in the 1980s, Tepper was known as a talented investor. But he wasn't what you'd call mentor material. Ahuja reveals that Tepper hazed his 18-year old chess prodigy intern, a plucky rising star who was none other than Boaz Weinstein. Tepper suspected Weinstein had scored an internship after he had played against (and beaten) David Delucia, Goldman's then-head of corporate bond trading.

"I don't really even think [Weinstein] was an intern," Tepper says in the book. "I think he was just there to play chess with Delucia and I didn't understand it so I just gave them both so much shit about it."

One of Tepper's favorite "assignments": throwing out trivia questions like 'how many synagogues are there in Michigan?' and having young Weinstein find the answer. As Tepper points out: "This was before there was Google."

By Katie Benner @FortuneMagazine - Last updated May 21 2012: 10:26 AM ET
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