8 apparel mistakes

With its "shackle shoe" Adidas became latest corporation to face backlash over what seemed -- at the time -- to be a perfectly reasonable product. Here are some famous apparel failures.

Adidas JS Roundhouse Mid
Adidas JS Roundhouse Mid

Adidas designed its JS Roundhouse Mid to be, in the company's words, a sneaker "so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles." Instead, the "shackle shoe" kicked up controversy.

On June 19 -- the same day Adidas advertised the shoe on Facebook -- civil rights groups cried foul. "The attempt to commercialize and make popular more than 200 years of human degradation, where blacks were considered three-fifths human by our Constitution, is offensive, appalling and insensitive," said Rev. Jesse Jackson in a statement to the Huffington Post. Later that day, Adidas pulled the ad and never released the shoe.

By Ben Toren @FortuneMagazine - Last updated July 20 2012: 1:00 PM ET
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