I'll need the tax credits
I'll need the tax credits
Company: TheraVasc
Owner : Tony Giordano
Location : Cleveland
Employees: 1

I support health care reform because my company will have to provide health care for future employees anyway. The law provides tax credits I'll need.

As a small biotech firm competing with big pharmaceuticals, TheraVasc must offer health insurance to get the best employees. Tax credits available for businesses that pay for at least half of employees' premiums will help when my company grows from one entrepreneur to 30 scientists and clinical monitors.

All I'm waiting for is federal approval of a drug. TheraVasc is developing a pill to treat diabetic patients and others with peripheral arterial disease, which happens when plaque builds up in arteries and cuts off leg circulation. The drug allows new blood vessels to be formed in the leg, preventing damage that can lead to amputation.

For a small company, this is a very costly endeavor, so any breaks we can get are really important.

As told to Jose Pagliery @CNNMoney - Last updated February 24 2012: 7:55 AM ET
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