A clock that talks to you
A clock that talks to you
Company: Oishi Time Talking Dolls

Oran Elmaleh and his wife Jayde conceptualized the idea of a squeezable, talking clock and alarm clock when they were on their honeymoon in Hawaii. "I hated the idea of being woken up by a loud alarm clock," he said. "I thought wouldn't it be great to have something that could gently tell you the time?"

So he created a line of six squeezable talking clocks with different chimes that fit under or in your pillow. You squeeze it and the doll will tell you what time it is. "You can also program each doll as an alarm clock," he said. "Oishi is a word that my wife and I use for something we love." The dolls are already sold online and in a few stores.

By Parija Kavilanz @CNNMoney - Last updated March 21 2012: 10:50 AM ET
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