Better Bosses
Three leaders use innovative strategies and rewards to motivate employees.
By Elaine Pofeldt, FSB senior editor

(FSB Magazine) -- You can offer all the benefits in the world, but the one that matters most to employees is a piece of the action.

Of the 18 honorees in Winning Workplaces' fourth annual Best Bosses competition, 14 run companies partly or completely worker-owned.

Good bosses are as important as any other perk in a company. An exclusive FSB report. (September 28)
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That reflects a broader trend. The National Center for Employee Ownership estimates that 9,225 companies were offering stock-option plans, stock bonus plans, and profit-sharing plans as of July, up from 7,600 in 1999.

Winning Workplaces is a nonprofit in Evanston, Ill., that helps small-business managers improve their communication skills to make workers more productive and happier.

It assembled a team of respected judges, who culled the 80 applicants by looking at factors such as employee satisfaction ratings and by interviewing workers. The result? Eighteen Best Bosses - 17 from commercial companies and one from a nonprofit.

From companies that offer free gourmet dinners during crunch times to a boss who lends top performers the keys to his convertible, see five of the winners and what makes them stand out.


How good a boss are you?

For a complete list of winners, go to

Also see Fortune's Best Companies to Work For. Winners include: Genentech (Charts), Cisco (Charts), Microsoft (Charts), Amgen (Charts) and Intel (Charts). Top of page

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