Johnson & Johnson's drug problem
5:35pm: Bill Weldon, Johnson & Johnson's longtime CEO, will step down after a slew of recalls. More
Apr 14: Johnson & Johnson recalls 57,000 bottles of the prescription anti-seizure medication after consumers complain of 'uncharacteristic odor.' More
Mar 29: Johnson & Johnson's McNeil unit recalls 34,000 bottles of Tylenol 8 hour caplets following complaints of musty, moldy odor. More
Mar 11: Analysts see pros and cons to government oversight of the Johnson & Johnson's factories that make Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl. More
Mar 10: The government has taken over three plants operated by Johnson & Johnson's troubled McNeil divison, maker of Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl drugs. More
Dec 2: Recall of 12 million bottles of stomach discomfort treatment, along with AlternaGel, made with Merck is latest in a series of Johnson & Johnson recalls. More
Oct 19: Drug safety agency says latest recalled adult Tylenol was manufactured at the Fort Washington plant that made recalled children's Tylenol. More
Oct 19: Successive over-the-counter drugs recalls erode Johnson & Johnson's sales; announces fresh Tylenol recall. More
Sep 30: Congress may be grilling Johnson & Johnson over its phantom recall. But Wall Street could care less about the company's bad PR. More
Sep 30: In his first appearance before lawmakers, William Weldon said he takes responsibility for J&J's recall woes. He also admits company clearly hid a Motrin recall effort from regulators. More
Sep 30: Lawmakers say Johnson & Johnson conducted a 'phantom' Motrin recall, what is that? More
Sep 29: A day before Congressional hearings into the company's drug recall woes, William Weldon says some of the recalled children's drugs will return to stores next week. More
Sep 28: Regulators tell Johnson & Johnson, CVS and Walgreens to stop product claims that their mouth rinses remove plaque or prevent gum disease. More
Sep 22: Congressional committee investigating Johnson & Johnson's phantom Motrin recall said company failed to produce proof that regulators approved its activities. More
Sep 21: An email exchange between an FDA official and a Johnson & Johnson executive indicates that regulators called out drugmaker for trying to pass off recall as a 'retrieval.' More
Sep 20: As lawmakers and regulators investigate the goings on at the company, a disturbing picture is emerging. More
Sep 16: New documents reveal that Johnson & Johnson may have been organizing a secret recall of children's Tylenol months before officially recalling the drugs. More
Aug 26: DePuy Orthopaedics says more people than expected have experienced pain and second surgery following receiving its ASR hip replacement and resurfacing systems. More
Aug 24: Agency warns Johnson & Johnson unit that it has been selling TruMatch products and the Corail Hip System without its approval. More
Aug 24: Surge in high-profile drug and food recalls may prompt the government to bring criminal action against executives. More
Aug 16: Industry report says drug recalls in the U.S. hit a new record in 2009, raising questions about an overall decline in the quality of drug manufacturing. More
Aug 6: Recalls of Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl have not only made these top brands vulnerable -- they've created an opening for generic drugs. More
Jul 23: After its Tylenol recalls, a Johnson & Johnson Pepcid plant shows similar serious lapses as in the shuttered Tylenol plant in Fort Washington. More
Jul 20: Company says it has received a grand jury subpoena in connection with multiple recalls of its non-prescription drugs. More
Jul 16: Drug safety agency fails to issue a clean bill of health on another factory that makes over-the-counter drugs. More
Jul 15: The manufacturing facility at the center of a recall of millions of over-the-counter children's drugs is eliminating most of its workforce. More
Jun 24: The drug-making arm of Johnson & Johnson said it expects delays in replenishing the supply of medicines made at a plant it shut in May. More
Jun 23: Government inspections of McNeil's Fort Washington facility reveal a timeline of quality and safety lapses. More
Jun 16: Five months after McNeil recalled millions of Tylenol and Motrin bottles for foul odor, stores shelves are still empty. More
Jun 7: Congressional committee investigating McNeil's 'phantom' Motrin recall say they haven't received needed documents, sources say a subpoena could be next. More
Jun 2: FDA says memo to contractor shows drugmaker McNeil initiated an 'unusual' clandestine recall of Motrin in 2009. More
May 25: Embattled drugmaker pledges to overhaul it's production methods and quality. More
May 25: Reports of illness and death are being investigated by the FDA ahead of a Congressional hearing on drugs recalled by Johnson & Johnson. More
May 14: Experts say reported quality, safety violations at the Johnson & Johnson plant so egregious that the FDA might consider permanently shutting facility. More
May 5: U.S. says Burkholderia cepacia was in drums found at the children's medicine factory; says bacteria hasn't been found in finished products. More
May 4: U.S. says Johnson & Johnson dragged its feet to respond to consumer complaints; failed to meet minimum quality standards. Drug maker suspends production at the plant. More
May 3: McNeil said Monday that it will implement 'corrective actions' at its U.S. plant after some 40 children's drugs including Tylenol and Motrin were recalled over quality concerns. More
Jan 26: Don't blame us for your tainted products, wooden pallet industry tells Johnson & Johnson in a warning letter. More
Jan 15: New complaints of 'moldy' odor triggers fresh recall of several over-the-counter drugs. 'The company should have acted faster,' FDA says. More