Magazine writer hopes for blog empire
Business 2.0's May issue profiled the new trend of cubicle startups -- "using your current job as a launchpad for your own startup." Little did Business 2.0 editor Josh Quittner know the article would hit so close to home. Senior writer Om Malik is turning his popular tech blog, GigaOm, into a venture capital-backed media startup. Quittner's memo announcing the departure was leaked to Valleywag, the tech-industry gossip blog.

Microsoft executive Don Dodge notes a developing trend of corporate bloggers striking out on their own. (Browser readers will recall yesterday's news about big-name blogger Robert Scoble's departure from Microsoft for a startup.)

Blogland mostly suspended its sense of snark, with bloggers too busy noting how recently they'd dined with Om and swearing up and down that they knew the big news was coming. It falls to SiliconBeat to round up the facts of the deal, noting that Om has "raised several hundred thousand dollars from San Francisco venture firm True Ventures to focus full-time on building out the blog site." And at least one SiliconBeat reader sounds a note of reserve: "This should be interesting -- a great theorist meets reality head on."
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