Your car has more friends than you do
First there were social networks for people, then for soccer fans, and even dogs. Now from two ex-CNet staffers comes a social network for car enthusiasts. Boompa allows users to create MySpace-like pages for cars they own -- or wish they owned. "Users can tag and comment on the vehicle, and contact the owner and/or add him or her as a friend," writes TechCrunch.

At least some TechCrunch readers are optimistic, "Nice idea," comments one fan. "If high school boys find it, this site is going to be the biggest thing ever." But others point out that the competitive auto-related Internet space may be unforgiving. "Boompa is competing against thousands of generalist and niche-oriented auto communities that already have established brands, huge user bases, and equal if not superior feature sets," writes another reader." If opinions are mixed on Boompa's business prospects, there does seem to be a consensus forming around the unusual name, which conjures images of Willy Wonka munchkins, not hot rods: "Nice idea, horrible name," says yet another reader.
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