Where are they now?

It can be a bumpy ride from fame to obscurity in business - from front-page news to trivia-quiz answer. From time to time Fortune tracks down a few of the biggest heroes and rogues of the recent past to see what they're up to and what they've learned.

Ken Fox
Ken Fox
Age: 36
Company: Internet Capital Group
At its peak in 2000, Ken Fox's Internet Capital Group, which aimed to fund business-to-business Internet startups and take them public, had a bigger market cap than General Motors. Then came the crash. Fox is tight-lipped about his stint as a poster boy for dot-com mania. "I was very young" is all he'll say.

Now he's running a new Manhattan-based buyout firm, Stripes Group, whose investments have included MatchLogic, an Internet advertising company that was acquired by Excite. What does he know about valuing companies now that he didn't know then? "My appetite for risk is different," he says. "It's highly unlikely that we'll find the next Google, but the companies we have are growing like weeds and are highly profitable. It's less about financial engineering and more about operating talent."









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