Numbered days
Numbered days
Despite their evident eye appeal, analysts don't see a wider future for four-door coupes. According to Analyst Ivan Drury: "In truth the cars don't sell very well. Head-room and storage space are compromised by the coupe design, and most consumers aren't willing to make those sacrifices." George Peterson of AutoPacific goes further, labeling them a "joke." He explains: "They are not easy to live with. Buyer's remorse is rampant. They will be popular for 12 to 18 months after intro and then sales will fall precipitously." The experience of the CLS supports this. According to Edmunds, U.S. sales have tumbled from 13,757 in 2005 to 2135 last year.Still, from the vantage point of the driver's seat, as well as the curb, no other body style available today exudes such drama and elegance.###

Last updated July 15 2011: 1:57 PM ET
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