Table of contents: VOL. 154, NO. 5 - September 4, 2006
They run the fastest-growing Web site on the planet. They have 100 million friends. Not bad for two guys who just wanted a place to hang out. (more)

With $58 billion in claims to pay for last year alone, U.S. insurers are jacking rates, canceling policies, and learning to cope with climate change. (more)
Meet the stars of YouTube, the undisputed king of online video sharing. Can they monetize this craze? (more)
Got a need for speed? Three days of idyllic driving in a Ferrari rally will cost you $5,925. Plus a quarter-million for the car. (more)
It's harder than ever to separate work and play. But for having fun and making money, maybe that's not really such a bad thing. (more)
New alternatives to surgery are gaining favor. Here's a look at the best treatment options. (more)

One tech industry pioneer has staged a surprising comeback by nurturing a culture of ideas. The revolution started with a small group of crazies. (more)
Bill Joy was once called "the Edison of the Internet." Now he's building his $50 million dream boat - an eco-friendly, 190-foot superyacht named Ethereal. (more)
Should the government treat terrorism like a biz-school problem? (more)
A Yankee lawyer has recharged Britain's fusty Cadbury Schweppes - and brought it through a tough crisis. (more)
Reversals in the 'Nigerian barge case' won't help Jeff Skilling. But they revive a debate about what's fraud and what isn't. (more)
dispatches: business reports from around the u.s. and the world
The country is undergoing a second agricultural revolution--building the infrastructure that connects farm to supermarket. (more)

A Compendium of revealing stats (more)

Hot spots, fault lines, and events that might have an impact on global risk (more)
Cronyism, corruption and organized crime run rampant in the world's newest country. (more)
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales teams up with a former eBay executive on a new opinion-based site. (more)

Skype and Kazaa pioneer Niklas Zennstrom pulls a promising new Wi-Fi startup out of his hat. (more)
The nirvana of high growth and low inflation may be over, Daniel Gross writes in Fortune. (more)
Antofagasta, Chile (more)
TINA FEY, actor and producer (more)
Tony and Danny Bennett, Entertainer and Manager (more)

first: news - analysis - data - informed opinion
Lost in the fallout from BP's shut-down at Prudhoe Bay is the fact that the system is getting better, and oil supplies are growing, says Fortune's Jon Birger. (more)
BP's Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust has encountered problems, but there's still money to be made in these crude-oil investments. (more)
Staples founder Tom Stemberg argues that the key to investing in retail is finding companies that serve a lifestyle niche, not looking for the next Wal-Mart. (more)

Biotech firm LifeCell was tops this year among the fastest-growing stocks we picked in 2005. Analysts expect more growth to come. (more)
The MSO comeback shows promise, but it's a long way from justifying its current pricetag. (more)
investing: your money at work
Investors often seek opportunities after calamitous news events. But that may be the worst moment to predict the future. (more)
media bubble
It's an urgent question pitting Web sites against their advertisers. Fortune's Devin Leonard explains why answering it won't be easy. (more)
the business life

the china 100
A surge of IPOs and 10% GDP growth lifted 16 newcomers onto the list of China's largest companies this year. (more)
value driven
A billionaire investor is only out for himself, but shareholders win. (more)
while you were out

Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|
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