Table of contents: VOL. 35, NO. 6 - June 1, 2006
To succeed in a much tougher market, you've got to change your strategy--whether you're buying, selling or renovating (more)

My wife wanted to stay at home and raise the kids, but we needed more income. The fix? Real estate. (more)
It takes guts to sell what's hot and buy what's not. Here's a swap you should be making right now. (more)
After decades as the sensible partner in her marriage, this widow aims to get in touch with her adventurous side. Now she has a plan to pay for it. (more)

Commodities, gold, emerging markets. The wilder the play, the more it's paying off. Is this a game for you? (more)
As money flees overpriced investments, it should flow to big growth stocks that are still undervalued (more)
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The winners of a TV Dream Home thought their fantasies had come true. But after a year, it's clear that the giant house is no home--and financially, it's a nightmare. (more)
The key: Keep the focus on price. Before you go to the dealership, research invoice prices at sites like and set a target of $250 to $300 above the invoice (you may have to go higher on more popular models). And above all, don't appear too eager. (more)
Just as you use the treadmill to tone your body, you can use neurobics to keep an aging mind sharp (more)
First comes love, then comes marriage, and then the house, the emergency fund, the 401(k)s... (more)

Yes, long-term rates are finally headed up, but not enough to merit a move (more)
Got the entrepreneurial urge? Visit these websites before letting fly. (more)
Even after Enron, people still load up their 401(k)s with company stock. That's a big mistake. (more)
Financial reality is about to hit the latest crop of college grads--and their proud parents. What will it cost to launch your child into today's economy? Take our quiz. (more)
Has your boss ever asked you to do something shady? These steps will help you stay squeaky clean. (more)
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A lot of boom-time home buyers bet that interest rates wouldn't go up. Oops. Now, with mortgage rates rising, it's time to come up with an escape plan. (more)
Bookmark these URLs: Whether you're buying, selling, building or renovating, these sites can save you time and money (more)
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To make your renovations pay, match the project to the property. See how the owners of two country homes--one modest, one grand--added value their own way. (more)
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Author John Reed has made a career out of debunking real estate gurus and the get-rich-quick fantasies they sell. With the housing market cooling off, there's never been a better time for his cranky skepticism. (more)
The big (and small) questions to ask about cameras for pros and pockets (more)
If a countertop can't stand the heat (or a mallet), maybe it should get out of the kitchen (more)
Take the snow out of a ski resort and what's left? Oh, just a four-star hotel that's dirt cheap. (more)
You could just grill hamburgers on a gas grill this summer. You could do that. But if you were ambitious, you'd talk to Steven Raichlen, author of Raichlen on Ribs, about the glory that is charcoal grillin'. And if you did that, you'd learn you can't really get fired up without these three essentials. (more)

A Friend to Flood Victims (more)
Is it Okay to Ask My Secretary to Pick Up My Dry Cleaning? (more)
In today's upbeat market, every adviser looks smart. Here's how to find out if yours really is. (more)

The key to making smart decisions about your money: Smile (more)
A new rule on college savings plans lets advisers say very little about a potential tax benefit (more)
Did you ever expect college to cost this much? (more)
Nothing makes parents cringe like the prospect of shouldering a college tuition bill (more)
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Investors Pour Cash into Global Funds (more)
Internationals Gain, Small-Caps Stagnate (more)
When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|