These futuristic projects promise to make the world greener, while making entrepreneurs some green.
8. The Interactive, Renewable Smart Power Grid
8. The Interactive, Renewable Smart Power Grid
California utility Pacific Gas & Electric is developing the electricity grid of the future, one that will look more like the Internet - distributed, interactive, open-source - than the dumb, one-way network of today that pushes dinosaur molecules from a carbon-spewing power plant to your home. Here are some of the technologies and energy sources that utilities will tap: solar power stations; solar buildings with solar cells integrated into rooftops, walls and windows; wind power; wave power; cow power (methane gas extracted from cow manure powers electricity-generating turbines); car power (plug-in hybrid cars that not only have rechargeable batteries but also feed power back to the grid); clean-coal plants; and smart grids that communicate with household appliances. (See the full story.)

Hydrogen Fuel Station

Environmental Sensors

Toxin-Eating Trees

Nuclear Waste Neutralizer

Ocean Robots

Sonic Water Purifier

Species Tracker

Renewable Smart Power Grid
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