Ultramobile PCs

The newest UMPCs aren't cheap, but they weigh 2 pounds or less and are robust enough to be the only desktop you'll ever need. Business 2.0 Magazine picks the best of the bunch.

OQO Model 02
Size: 3.3 x 5.6 in.; Weight: 9 1 lb.; $1,850; www.oqo.com

4 stars (Editor's Choice)

PROS OQO has clearly learned from its early mistakes in the UMPC market. The new Model 02 has a sharp screen, a 60GB hard drive, and an ergonomically brilliant docking station, and it's the only UMPC that truly fits in your pocket. Features like EVDO mobile broadband and Wi-Fi are a big plus, but the keyboard is the 02's crowning achievement. The perfectly spaced keys avoid the "dumb thumb" problem common to most UMPCs.

CONS The 02 doesn't have slots for Compact Flash or SD cards, so you'll need a USB adapter for those. The lack of FireWire also means some MP3 players and videocameras won't connect.

BUY THIS ONE IF ... You're a truly mobile professional who needs constant, fast connectivity and a PC wherever you go.



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