Deluxe airport lounges

Flying business-class has its perks: Wider seats, better food, and chichi toiletries. But increasingly, the real pampering starts before you get on the plane. Business 2.0 magazine has the details on some of the world's most lavish layovers.

Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific
Pier and Wing at Hong Kong International

Opened: Pier in 2001, Wing in 1998

The Pier is the newer of Cathay Pacific's two lounges, but both are lavish, so hit whichever is closer to your gate -- and then prepare to have all of your needs met.

Want to get a little work done? Together, the lounges offer more than 80 "personal living spaces," 5-foot-wide offices equipped with desks, computers, and phones. Feeling a little grungy? Business-class passengers can freshen up in a white-marble shower suite, while those flying first-class can soak in a tub in one of the Wing's five private cabanas. Care for some company? Pull up a stool at the 80-foot Long Bar. Hungry? Head for the Noodle Bar or simply serve yourself snacks and drinks from nearby coolers. Bored? Grab one of the designer leather seats with personal touchscreen entertainment systems, or stop by the GameZone, where you can play Taiko No Ta Tsuujin Super Animeith, a videogame that lets you try your hand as a drummer for a rock band. Seems appropriate, somehow, when you're being treated like a star.

London Heathrow

Hong Kong Int'l

Kualu Lumpur

Doha, Qatar
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