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Zyken NightCove
Zyken NightCove
Price: $2,500

One of the few designer sleep aides that doesn't come in a pill form, Zyken's NightCove alarm clock lulls high-octane executives to sleep with scientifically-calibrated lights and sounds designed to improve sleep quality.

Five years in the making, the futuristic-looking clock was developed in partnership with Damien Léger, president of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Sleep and Alertness in France, and leading international light and chronobiology expert Dr. Claude Gronfie.

The NightCove uses a patented sleep system with 20 pre-loaded programs combining sound and light of varying color, wavelength and intensity that's tailored to improve sleep cycles and regulate the body's melatonin levels. Simply set the alarm, press the sleep button and the gizmo strategically rotates through purple, red, blue and other hues to help the body fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and awake rested. Consider it the gift that keeps giving.

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