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Digital Beverages MyFountain XL
Digital Beverages MyFountain XL
Price: $3,875

Meet the newest member of the office: MyFountain XL, an automated beverage dispenser that remembers if the boss' martini should be made with gin or vodka and password protects the cocktail menu to prevent under-age interns from getting wasted.

One part Internet-linked Windows XP computer and one part dorm-room style refrigerator with a touch screen menu, the digital drink slinger has a water-line link, carbon-dioxide cartridge and the capacity to store 16 different alcohols, mixers and concentrated beverages. Program the machine's memory with conventional recipes, custom brews or download new concoctions from the Internet.

Park the MyFountain XL in the office kitchen and serve up perfectly chilled pineapple-orange-cranberry juice blends in the morning, refill glasses with Mountain Dew or Red Bull during late night programming sessions and pour celebratory cocktails after closing a new round of financing.

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