Tax-Friendly Places 2007

See how much you'll play in income, sales and property taxes around the country.

Most tax friendly cities Top 5
City City tax burden as % of income
Anchorage, AK 3.50%
Cheyenne, WY 3.70%
Jacksonville, FL 4.20%
Las Vegas, NV 4.80%
Memphis, TN 5.20%
Least tax friendly cities Top 5
City City tax burden as % of income
Bridgeport, CT 18.60 %
Philadelphia, PA 11.80 %
Providence, RI 11.10 %
New York City, NY 11.10 %
Des Moines, IA 10.50%
* Estimated burden of major taxes for a family of three making $100,000
Source: The government of the District of Columbia. Estimates based on
2005 data.
Tax friendly cities
Residents of big East Coast cities like Philadelphia and New York love to complain about the cost of living in their respective towns, but their tax burden doesn't even come close to what residents of Bridgeport, Conn. have to pay.

A family of three living in Bridgeport with an annual income of $100,000 would pay 18.6 percent in major state and local taxes, based on annual data from 2005 compiled by the government of the District of Columbia.

In a separate report, the Tax Foundation estimates that 11 percent of the nation's income this year will go towards paying state and local taxes, its highest level since 1970, when the group first began tracking the figure.
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