Tax-Friendly Places 2007

See how much you'll play in income, sales and property taxes around the country.

Property taxes on owner-occupied housing by state
Priciest Median paid Rank
New Jersey $5,352 1
New Hampshire $3,920 2
Connecticut $3,865 3
New York $3,076 4
Rhode Island $3,071 5
Least pricey    
Louisiana $175 50
Alabama $302 49
West Virginia $389 48
Mississippi $416 47
Arkansas $459 46
Source: The Tax Foundation, based on 2005 Census data
Pricey property, high taxes
If you don't count the recent downturn in the housing market, state and local governments have benefited handsomely from the run-up in home prices nationwide.

"As property values rise, so do tax collections," said Dubay of the Tax Foundation.

Homeowners in the Northeast faced some of the stiffest property taxes nationwide. In New Jersey, for example, the median property tax paid on owner-occupied housing was $5,352, according to the Tax Foundation.
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