Tax-Friendly Places 2007

See how much you'll play in income, sales and property taxes around the country.

States with highest sales tax
Mississippi 7.00%
New Jersey 7.00%
Tennessee 7.00%
Rhode Island 7.00%
Minnesota 6.50%
Nevada 6.50%
Washington 6.50%
California 6.25%
Illinois 6.25%
Texas 6.25%

States with no sales tax
New Hampshire
Source: CCH Inc.
Cha-ching! Taxes at the register
If you happen to shop in Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee or Rhode Island, face it - you're going to have to cough up a lot more money in sales taxes.

While a few eschew it, just about every state relies on sales tax receipts for revenue.

While sales taxes nationwide tended to hold fairly steady last year, a few states, such as Idaho and South Carolina, instituted increases by promising to lower property tax bills.

But lower state sales taxes doesn't mean you will escape paying sales tax altogether. Many local governments can, and do, charge additional sales tax.

Alaskan residents, for example, boast not having to pay state sales tax, but residents of Juneau are on the hook for a 5 percent sales tax on all their purchases. In Chicago, shoppers are required to pay an additional 2.75 percent in sales tax on top of Illinois' 6.25 percent state sales tax.

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