5 PayPal alternatives

Sick of PayPal? Check out these e-commerce solutions for business owners.

Credit card heaven

"I knew I had to start accepting credit cards on my online site or my company wouldn't grow," says Troy Godshall, owner of APlusTemplates.com. "I had poor credit at the time and knew I wouldn't get a merchant account, but 2Checkout.com allowed me to accept credit cards without all the paperwork."

2Checkout.com processes credit cards and checks while monitoring for fraud and ensuring data security. The site has about 50,000 active vendors and signs up 1,500 new clients every month. For each transaction, there's a 5% rolling reserve for 90 days. Vendors with an existing shopping cart system can integrate their platform with 2Checkout.com or chose to use 2Checkout's own shopping cart.

2Checkout.com has a one-time setup fee of $49.00 and takes a 5.5% commission plus $0.45 for each sale. "My product is about $30," says Godshall. "So the commission isn't bad, considering the headache I avoid, not having to deal with fraud issues."

Last updated February 11 2008: 1:37 PM ET

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