5 PayPal alternatives

Sick of PayPal? Check out these e-commerce solutions for business owners.

Shopping Cart options

Tucson-based E-junkie is one of many shopping cart providers, but it distinguishes itself in the market by automating delivery. The shopping cart is an integral part of an e-commerce site experience; choosing the right one for your business takes time and research, but will make purchasing an easier experience for the customer.

E-junkie particularly well-suited for do-it-yourself artists and creative freelancers. For tangible goods, its system can automatically determine what size and shape packaging works best for each product in a vendor's inventory. For digital products, it streamlines file storage and instantaneous delivery. Prices vary depending on the services selected, but start at $5 per month for 10 products.

Last updated February 11 2008: 1:37 PM ET

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