FutureMedia sues chat-room con artist

U.K.-based FutureMedia, a web-based learning solutions outfit, is suing a Dutch man "for using Yahoo Finance and other message boards to impersonate company officials and deride the company," reports alarm:clock. The chat-room con artist, Maas van Dusschoten, allegedly demanded payments in cash and stock from Futuremedia to "go away," but he may have "picked on the wrong dog," says the a:c, as Futuremedia, struggling just to stay listed on the Nasdaq, is short on both cash and patience. But give the man his due for throwback, bubble-era stock manipulating audacity: Trading Markets Live notes that Mr. van Dusschoten even went so far as to post "several false press releases" on the Yahoo Finance. Note to day traders: double check your sources.
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